Blue Jay Woman

Blue Jay Woman by Rachel H White

For Mother’s Day, my daughter gave me a lovely gift, an original piece of art called “Blue Jay Woman.” You can see more of her art at and at

I’ve searched for legends of a Blue Jay Woman, as Blue Jay is one my totems, but the only story I could find was “The Blue Jay Shares Ideas” from Elizabeth Ann Farrington on The Banyan, written for her granddaughter. She writes of Little Bright Eyes who goes to Blue Jay when her family is starving, and Blue Jay helps her. Little Bright Eyes is then renamed Blue Jay Woman for her wisdom.

I like this story that tells a bit of native wisdom about what to do when famine comes.  Sharing ideas and learning from others is a theme in my life at the moment. While I’m hardly experiencing famine, not having to raid the acorn caches of the squirrels in my neighborhood, things are in transition, and I’m listening to the advice I am getting.

Most of it says, “follow your bliss” and dare NOW to do what I have always dreamed…or give it up forever.  At 57, I have had a lot of experiences. Making sense of them and finding a way to express what I have learned is important to me as I search for a new means of financial freedom.  My book is written, I am getting some new clients and while there is still a lot of tunnel, I can glimpse a bit of light ahead–not enough to be an oncoming train!  

Blue Jays are opportunists, a feature that does not endear them to many birdwatchers, but they swoop down and fearlessly defend their territories even against cats and other, larger birds, much like mockingbirds. Whilte jays don’t sing as sweetly, they are beautiful, a flash of blue lightning on a summer afternoon.

I will learn from my jays and find the opportunities that are even now seeking my attention. Thanks, Rachel.

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