Blowing (blogging) up the old Tapes

I read a lovely post about designing a tarot spread over at She explains her method of designing a reading to answer a specific question and then interprets her reading. She is literate and witty, with a wide knowledge of literature and goddess lore.

My kind of girl.

Her comments about “old tapes” reminded me of the first time I went into therapy. I had a lot of memories and misperceptions about various things I had been told growing up. I learned to visualize the reel-to-reel tapeplayer and blow it up ala Mission Impossible. For those children among my readers, this was a show back int he 70s where Peter Graves would get a cassette tape with a mission, and as soon as he played it, it exploded. I’m sure it wouldn’t get through Homeland Security these days, but that was back in the day.

The messages in those old tapes do represent a list of missions we need to accomplish to make our wishes come true. The tape that says “You’re fat!” needs to be erased and taped over with a new message “I take responsibility for my health.” “Life is hard” can be revised to “Life is good.” “You’re not good enough” can be transformed into “I’m the best me I can be. ”

Blowing up the tapes works, but re-recording them works better. It takes the same amount of energy, but it lessens the resentment and anger that the mental explosion perpetrates.

What tapes are you revising?

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