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Walking Off Heaven's Shore by Charlotte Henley Babb

Walking Off Heaven’s Shore

Grab a free download of my newest ebook: Walking Off Heaven’s Shore.

Ten-Piece Bucket of Southern Fried Fiction with Fixings

  1. Walking off Heaven’s Shore: Washed in the flood of knowing
  2. Intervention: Mothers and daughters–can it ever work?
  3. Turning Point : Friday morning, a cup of coffee, a decision
  4. Pachelbel’s Canyons: Mall Markswoman Maintains Muzak Manifested Mayhem
  5. Walk the Dog: Who’s holding which end of the leash?
  6. The Fire Inside: Can he stand the heat?
  7. Kitchen Witchery: The lost art of female bonding across generations
  8. Swamp of the Soul: You only see the snakes if you look for them.
  9. Storm Front: Revenge  served cold can be slippery when wet.
  10. The last time I dated a serial killer: A literate man is hard to find

Even if you don’t have a Kindle; read on your phone as I do, or you can convert for  a Nook or iPad instead of a Kindle here: Use the download to computer option. I don’t put DRM on my books.

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