Awareness and Sensitivity

As you begin to shift your vibration in the direction of your dreams, you may become very sensitive to any vibration that does not align with what you want. You gain sensitivity when you begin to work from awareness, when you wake up from unconscious manifesting.

You may find yourself afraid that mass consciousness will intrude on your thoughts and bring you what you don’t want. But here’s a key to the mystery of manifestation. It’s non-intuitive. It’s even a bit irrational.

Let go of what you can’t control.  Let other people work on their own desires. When it comes right down to the choices you have to make, you can only choose for yourself. You can’t make other people do what you want.  That’s not your job anyway. Work on your own peace rather than trying to enforce world peace.

If you find that you are upset because of the way someone else speaks or acts,  it is hard to allow that person to have a different vibration than the one you want. But if you try to change that person’s behavior, especially if that person does not ask you to help, then you are putting your energy into a vibration that does not harmonize with what you want.

The more you push against something, the more of it you attract, because you are putting your focus and energy into pushing against.

There are times when you must resist the actions of others. You are responsible for your children and must teach them. You are responsible for yourself, so that you must keep yourself safe  as best as you can. You take actions that reinforce the wishes you have.

A Holocaust survivor, Corrie Ten Boom tells the story of how her faith helped her survive the concentration camp where she and her sister were taken. She prayed daily, hourly, that they would be safe, and several miracles happened. One was that she was able to smuggle a copy of the New Testament into the camp. and so had that source of comfort and hope. She had it hung on a string around her neck inside the shift she wore. While the soldiers patted everyone down, they did not find it.  Someone had a bottle of vitamins which did not run out over a span of months–very much a miracle.  But the part of the story that so fascinated me was that when they were forced into the camp, where they slept on straw, the straw had lice from the previous prisoners.

Corrie said that the lice turned out to be a good thing, because they kept the soldiers away from them. The soldiers did not want lice. It takes a lot of allowing to see the benefit of living in those kinds of conditions. It takes a tremendous amount of faith to keep any kind of hope in that kind of circumstance. But she did, and her faith helped her and others to survive.

Yet even that kind of faith did not keep everyone alive. Her sister died in the camp only days before she was released. Allowing always requires letting go of those things and situations that you can’t control. It’s certainly not that Corrie did not love her sister, or that she was not sad, or that she was so focused on saving her own life that it didn’t matter. She tells about a dream her sister had of their release, and that she saw her sister’s death as a release, even though she never left the camp.

Allow your awakening sensitivity to show you how to change your own vibration and to minimize the influence of those around you. Remember that trying to change other people takes you away from your own vibrational alignment, but if you change, they will too, in one way or another, because your energy will feel different to them.  If you are very different, becoming positive and uplifting, then their nay-saying and negativity will be uncomfortable around you–and they may just move on to other, more comfortable people and out of your range of vibration.

Walk the walk, and your vibration will speak for you.

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4 Responses to Awareness and Sensitivity

  1. Susan Hice says:

    Beautifully written and how true!

  2. Paper Aeroplanes says:

    I just want to give you some kudos for exerting effort in posting this entry and in coming up with this. I’m looking forward to more of your blogs.

  3. As long as you give me credit and a backlink, I don’t mind.