Apaganthus Buds

It’s just over a week before Thanksgiving, and I have buds opening on an apaganthus plant by my back door. Aka Nile Lily, this flower has blue, lily shaped flowers that radiate from a central stem. They don’t bloom in November.

Perhaps the plant is confused about the weather, but it has been the usual near freezing at night and mid 60s on the sunny days, so that seems unusual. Another plant I bought at the same time has already bloomed and has an interesting, star-shaped end on a stalk, where I assume it already bloomed.

I hope the plant doesn’t freeze before it blooms. It is close to the house and the concrete driveway that absorbs solar heat during sunny days, which might be enough for it to open up. It’s a perennial, so its green leaves are still feeding its roots, whether it blooms or not.

It makes me happy to see it, because I feel like I am blooming in the autumn of my life. I hope I won’t be too afraid to open up, even though I might get a cold reception. My roots are strong, and there is always spring coming, one way or another.

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