Allowing your Wishes to Come True

Allowing is one of the hardest habits to develop when your goal is to manifest what you want. Not only do you have to allow yourself to get out of your own way, by changing your thoughts to positive expectations, you also have to allow other people to have different goals and thoughts and actions than you would choose.

You can learn to allow others to do what they want to do. Being upset by what other people do is common, even when the actions do not affect you in a personal way. For example, even watching horror or crime TV gets your emotional being upset, although you may enjoy the drama and suspense. You are choosing to put your attention on something that is not real, that is designed for your emotional arousal, and that takes your attention from what you want to what you don’t want.

Allowing is your choice, of course, to spend your time and attention on whatever pleases you. No one can tell you what to enjoy. But if you find that watching the news on TV gets you upset and angry, especially if it makes you feel small, helpless and frustrated, you are not allowing others to do what they feel is necessary, and your emotional vibration is turned away from what makes you feel good, what makes you feel empowered.

Allowing means to focus on what you want, and if it is to right the wrongs of the world, and to turn your attention to changing the injustices you see on TV, more power to you. What is important about allowing is that you don’t try to control others, especially others who are not minor children in your care. You allow them to have their own dreams, their own wishes and to be their own fairy godmothers, and you focus on what you are manifesting for yourself.

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13 Responses to Allowing your Wishes to Come True

  1. Jinky says:

    Great subject for A. –Allowing is such a big responsibility because what you allow yourself to think and act becomes your character and ends up being part of your legacy.

  2. Nikki says:

    I am doing the challenge too so am visiting a few blogs. I love the title of yours. I like your comments about allowing yourself to get out of your own way. Also about not controlling others. I so agree.
    Happy challenge

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  4. tara tyler says:

    allowing is a tough thing to do, even allowing us to have time for ourselves! nice a post =)

  5. Rhia Roberts says:

    Great post. I was reading it thinking, “I could have written this!” I have the feeling that we’re two peas in a pod. How wonderful to know where to come for inspiration whenever I need it.

  6. itinthenhs says:

    Hello, I just stopped in to visit your website and thought I’d say I had a great visit.