Align with your Wish

On a CD I have of some Abraham material, channeled by Jerry & Esther Hicks,  Abraham says that if you are wanting yellow, and you are also wanting blue, that you might end up with green.

It’s important to clarify to yourself what you want. If you wish to eat your cake and keep your waistline, you need to work on both together. If you wish for one, and then the other, you might not be happy with the results.

In fact, just being happy helps. Begin unhappy takes you out of alignment with what you want, no matter why you are unhappy.  If you write your affirmations and tell yourself how happy you are when you are meditating or at level, but then you come back to the conscious world and bitch and moan and fuss about whatever is not to your liking, you are not in alignment…you are attracting both the part you want, but also the part you don’t want.   If your happiness depends solely on your getting what you asked for, then it would be good to think about that only, and not fret about the things that are now fading away.

Abraham makes it clear that complaining, whining and in other ways focusing on what you don’t want attracts more of that to you.  It’s better to make the best of the situation, to acknowledge what is happening, but then to focus on what you do want, what would be better, and what you can do right now to change how things are.

You might not be able in the moment to change the circumstances, to make all the changes you would like, but you can at least change how you look at it.  For example, I was tired and hungry yesterday when I took a break to help a friend download a program.  Instead of eating lunch and saying that I would check back with her in a few minutes, I tried to just do it.  Her machine is set up differently from mine, and everything seemed to be in a different place than I would have put it.

What would have been a better response?

I could have said, “Let me get some lunch and then I’ll look at it.”

I could have noted that she used Internet Explorer, taken a deep breath and smiled to myself, instead of muttering imprecations against Microsoft. I’m certain that people who don’t find Microsoft irritating don’t have nearly so many problems with their products.

I could have just offered to fix her pictures, since my job allows me to have Photoshop and hers doesn’t. She just wants to retouch her pictures to make herself feel better. Isn’t that why any one of us makes a wish–to feel better.

So, today I am laughing at my own silliness, forgiving myself and programming by imagination a better choice for next time, since my friend still doesn’t have the software she wants.  But I’ll wait until after lunch to do it!

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2 Responses to Align with your Wish

  1. flashguy says:

    Any information on your sources though?

  2. I have been reading and listening to Jerry and Esther Hicks channeling the being called Abraham, who speaks of the Law of Attraction. There are a number of books–Ask and It is Given, The Law of Attraction, and others.

    The rest comes form my personal experience as I change my perspective and my vibration, thereby changing my life.