A Wish Come True

Yesterday one of my wishes…even a goal…came true. I was looking for a list of chiropractic colleges on Google for my day job, when to my amazement, my college’s website showed up first. I am truly grateful! Astounded!

Since I’m the web designer and social networks manager, that ranking looks very good on my yearly evaluation. I had a random thought that I followed up (inspired action) and this ranking seems to be the result. It’s almost like a wink and a nudge from the Universe that I am in the right place and doing the right thing for right now.

Now I wonder what all those internet marketers whose work I’ve been studying…Ed Dale and Tellman and the others…would say about a jump from #14 to #1 in one day, with only a minor tweak to the title tag on a couple of pages? It didn’t work on Yahoo (still #14) or on MSN (#15) or dogpile (#25).

I hope the ranking will hold, because it may help us to recruit 20-30 more students every quarter. If you want to talk about a small niche, there are only about 10,000 chiropractic students at any given time, and we’d like to have our share–about a 700 of them. There is competition–16 other schools in the US, and others abroad–but competition is the name of the game. We’ere selling a high ticket item…a doctor of chiropractic degree–over a six figure price–and it takes 3.5 years of serious work to get. So naturally, we are wanting to attract the students who are looking for us, and we want to be easy to find. I’ll be looking for more ways to keep us up in the rarefied air on Google.

Thank you Universe! Goddess! Google! and all Powers that Be, for this experience. It feels really good to have a wish come true.

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5 Responses to A Wish Come True

  1. amanda keen says:

    i have been waiting for my wish to come true and it hasent and if it does then i will be so happy i wished i had cats eyes

  2. Are you waiting for your wish to come true before you can be happy? I hope not.

    Tell me more about having cat’s eyes–do you want a vertical slit pupil? Your best bet might be contacts.

    Do you want to see better in the dark?

    Some witches practice “starlight vision” which is allows your mind to take in more of the “big picture” in the darkness as opposed to “flashliglht vision” which lets you see more clearly in a smaller space. I think it is Starhawk that discusses this.

    It’s an interesting wish.

    Right now, I am wishing to get my other cataract corrected. I so love being able to see without glasses when I am driving. ButI’m working on being happy right now, even though the small fonts on my monitor makes my eyes tired.

  3. Thanks. See the link at the bottom of the page to contact the designer.

  4. Thanks. I’ll think about it.