A review for Maven Fairy Godmother

Charlotte Babb is happy

Grinning like a donkey eating briers.

Nothing is like reading a review of one’s book by someone who likes it. Here’s a short clip:

Wonderfully interesting characters allowed me to get lost in the pages of this story. I found myself totally wanting Maven to get right, but instead of doing things the way Fiona wanted her to she had her own ideas. It was interesting to see the twists her ideas put on the old fairy tales.Her modern ideas and twists on the fairy tales often rubbed Fiona the wrong way, and had me wondering if Maven might get  kicked out of Faery. 

Read the rest here: http://kittycrochettwo.blogspot.com/2012/05/maven-fairy-godmother-through-veil-by.html by Brenda C. of Readers Favorite

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