A List of Questions

Information Point by Petr Kratochvil

Information Point by Petr Kratochvil

I’ve always said that I was not concerned about having a list of the answers, but I would like to see a list of the questions.

Today I found it under the Day 5 blogging ideas for UBC: StoryCorps.org has a list of great questions for anyone. . The questions include topics like war, family heritage, illness, religion, working, partnerships, school, raising children, and growing up, in addition to topics of relationships: friends, grandparents, parents, colleagues.

At the very least, I can use these for character development, and maybe learn how to find out more about other people. Some questions are very personal–was there a time when you did not like me (for a friend) or how did my mom act while she was growing up?

These are wonderful interview questions, though,so I can work up some more interviews for my next blog tour. I need to revise my author bio, and this will certainly help with that. Several people have commented that they like to find out more about what an author is really like.

Storycorps.org collects people’s memories. I watched a short cartoon about a family memory, a touching story of the breakup of a family when an apartment building was torn down–very touching. Another story was about a Sunday School teacher who was even more formidable than a grandmother, and a third was an interview of his mother by a boy with Aspergers. Check it out, and get a list of the questions.

Happy Sunday and happy Ultimate Blog Challenge.

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10 Responses to A List of Questions

  1. Great list – for interviews, school reports or blog ideas. Very helpful.

  2. I do liek the idea of using both set questions and different ones to prompt an interview – thanks for sharing a great idea!

  3. Sooo going to check that out, how cool! Thanks for sharing, I don’t know how I missed that from day 5:)

  4. I don’t know how I missed that, either! Good thing you posted it. It’s a great idea for character development; I will use it as writing prompts–can never have enough of those! I also agree with those who want to know more about their favorite authors! What a great way to connect with readers!

    • Charlotte Henley Babb says:

      Writing prompts are good. I’ve not read all the UBC blog ideas, but I want to make a list of all the suggestions and resources so I can keep going with the daily blog. It keeps the brain gears greased.

  5. These questions are great for character development, certainly – and also in conversations, in self development… so many different applications! Like the others, I missed this prompt from UBC. I am so grateful you dug it up~