Can’t Visualize? Go See Gary

If you are one of the folks who has problems visualizing what you want, Gary Evans is running a special just for you on his Good To Feel Good blog:

For a mere $15, you can learn

  • Where to find high quality free images to use in your vision board
  • How to work out the correct size you need for your vision board
  • Walkthrough installation of some free graphics software that can achieve the desired outcome
  • A full explanation of how to use the graphics software
  • A step-by-step case study example showing how I create a vision board starting from scratch so you can replicate everything that I do
  • I’m not an affiliate, but this looks like a great idea to me.

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    3 Responses to Can’t Visualize? Go See Gary

    1. Elaine Nelson says:

      I think this is the best page I’ve come across on the subject. Thank you for this and keep it up.

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