First Warm Day of Spring

Pond with Turtle and Mallard

Pond with Turtle and Mallard

On a walk with my daughter at our favorite spot, we saw a turtle out basking in the late afternoon sun, sharing a log with a mallard. I think they enjoyed the warm day, the first day of spring, and coincidentally the first really warm day of 2010–low 70s. It was lovely and I think they were so glad to be in the sun, that they were willing to pose for some pictures and put up with the kids who whooped joyously as they hopped and skipped through the park.

It helps that the leyland cypress screen the pond somewhat from the path, but a mommy who was ahead of me walked out on the bank and took a couple of pix too, while her kids came as close as they could to see.  Come summer, that would probably be enough to chase the animals way, but on this day, we were all able to just get along.   Peace.

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