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Dream Symbols of Me

  I found this image on a thumb drive. I had not thought of it in some time, and now, in making up a missed post, I though I would explore it.  The image is of an actual castle–I don’t remember where I … Continue reading

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Publisher’s Weekly Review of Maven Fairy Godmother Excerpt

I am so thrilled to get a pre-publication review of Maven Fairy Godmother from Publisher’s Weekly on the Amazon Breakout Novel Award promotion!   I am certainly willing to “smooth out the prose.” Manuscript Review by Publishers Weekly, an independent organization Maven, … Continue reading

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Novel Structure and a Hook

This simple structure comes from Randy Ingermanson’s Snowflake Method of plotting a story: sentence one: introductory sentence. sentence two: disaster #1 sentence three: disaster #2, caused by consequences of actions taken because of disaster #1. sentence four: disaster #3, caused … Continue reading

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A word after a word after a word…

“A word after a word after a word is power,” according to Margaret Atwood, and she ought to know. A new learning for me is that writing about why I am stuck is still writing, and I like it better … Continue reading

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Guilt and Gratitude as a Novel Premise

The sequel to my first novel [soon to be a major something or other!!!] centers around the effects of guilt, both felt and denied, and the effect of gratitude in dispelling guilt and reversing its effects.  I did not know … Continue reading

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