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Getting out of your own way so that you can receive and allow what you asked for to come to you

It’s 4 am…Where is your Vibration?

I’d rather be asleep, but I am here pecking away rather than half-dreaming about facebook and wordpress connections and figuring them out. What I need today is to find that peaceful place that says, This too shall pass. Continue reading

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Cobwebs of Unfinished Dreams

But I did find a lot of cobwebs on the bookcase and a number of thoughts about unfinished projects that were once dreams of mine. Cobwebs are easy to dust away, but what about those dreams? Continue reading

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Of Cogs and Feathers: Raising Vibration

I was brainstorming with my daughter (Rachel H White about a project for work. I was tired and I was beginning to feel overwhelmed with the amount of effort it was taking to envision the project, and to keep … Continue reading

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Is Increased Sensitivity a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

If I become more sensitive to the things that do not align with my desired vibration, isn’t that a bad thing? Awareness is focused. The key is awareness and focus. The sensitivity helps to develop awareness, especially if I make the effort to find out to what kind of stimulus I am sensitive. But then I must take action. Continue reading

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A Peach of a Day

< img src="">Yesterday as I was driving home, I got to the railroad track, and sure enough, a train was blocking it, just sitting there. That’s not too unusual, and as the train was not moving, I just shut off … Continue reading

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Riding the Thermal or Circling the Drain?

Have you ever had the sensation of thoughts speeding around the inside of your skull like a motorcycle in a cage at a county fair? This usually happens at 3 am when some mosquito thought buzzing around your mind wakes … Continue reading

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Blowing (blogging) up the old Tapes

I read a lovely post about designing a tarot spread over at She explains her method of designing a reading to answer a specific question and then interprets her reading. She is literate and witty, with a wide knowledge … Continue reading

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