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Earworm holes: Choose your mental circuit training

An earworm is a song that bores through your brain because you overheard a snatch from someone’s ipod, shopping mall muzac,  or a random radio station.  An earworm can drive you nuts, especially if it’s something like the song by … Continue reading

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Daniel Amen-Making a Good Brain Great

Dr. Amen’s Neuro-Link, a supplement of amino acids and vitamins that is supposed to help regulate brain function without side effects. It contains B6, L-tyrosine, GABA, L-glutamine, inositol, taurine and 5-HTP. Years back, I read a similar book that suggested these amino acids and vitamins as a cure for depression, a way to stop taking antidepressants. Continue reading

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Thank you James Brausch aka Diego Norte

This time last year I decided that I needed to join the intern program that was offered at the time (now closed) by James Brausch. I felt that I was treated like pond scum by the Brausch minions, and I was kicked … Continue reading

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Working for a Gen-X Boss

My boss is 5 years older than my daughter. She’s sweet, a young mother witt an adorable toddler, a loving husband and a great sense of how to soften my often blunt comments.  She’s the head of PR, and she … Continue reading

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Dancin’ with the Prez

Sherman College had its annual fun day on Wednesday, and I got a chance to dance with the president, Dr. Jon Swartzbauer in his role as lead singer of the DCGees…flashback disco fun to “Give an Ajdustment! See it here: … Continue reading

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Don’t complain. Don’t explain.

Don’t complain. Don’t explain. Diet has taken on so many overtones of meaning that the descriptive meaning–that which we eat–has almost been lost. As I have been following the suggestions of my EPFX practitioner, Nelli Biddix of Be Natural in … Continue reading

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I am learning a lot about the world of chiropractic now that I have my new job. some of my friends have teased me about straight chiropractic as opposed to ??? We use straight to describe many things: hair, not … Continue reading

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