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Deconstructing…Talkin’ Bout My Generation

Deconstructing My Personal Myth I am a product of my cultural heritage, as everyone is. I was born in 1951, part of the baby boom that was a reaction to the horrors of two world wars punctuated by the Great … Continue reading

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Maggie Smith: The Lady in the Van by Choice

Maggie Smith is one of my favorite actresses, but I watched her last weekend in one of the slowest movies ever shot: The Lady in the Van. The good thing about watching a slow movie is that it gives me time … Continue reading

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Guys, Dresses and White Male Privilege

Guys. Dresses. Why Not Share the Experience? Netflix is a magic window into the past, the present, and maybe, the future. My most recent binge was Quantum Leap, a show from the 90s with Scott Bakula (as Dr. Sam Becket, … Continue reading

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Dinesh D’Souza: Capitalism and the Theft of the Left

I stole a book today. It wasn’t Abbie Hoffman’s Steal this Book. No, I didn’t take it out of the store, but I read it without paying for it, sitting in a comfortable chair at my local B&N for several … Continue reading

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Writer’s Hedge

The following is a flash fiction story based on a prompt at a writers group meeting Saturday a week ago. The prompts were randomly generated around the table, each of us adding a word and then passing it along to … Continue reading

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Rape Culture

Penises don’t rape people. People rape people. Rape is about the physical violation of a person, power over the person. It’s about dominance, punishment,  and humiliation. It’s a very personal one-on-one kind of terrorism, not always but mostly perpetrated (and … Continue reading

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Roller coaster Year

I’ve got the front row seat on my life’s roller coaster. Losing my job last year was like riding a roller coaster, even though some of it was more like hiding under pond scum. Now I’m ready to bask in … Continue reading

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