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I’ve been busy at Smashwords, uploading my catalog and adding a few new books so you can buy them and make us both happy. They are available on iBooks, Kobo, B&N Nook and other platforms as well as Amazon Kindle and in print.

Take a look below and click on the book cover to see more information on each book. Most are also available at

Maven Fairy Godmother Series

Maven Fairy Godmother: Through the Veil

A dead cellphone calls with a job offer and a promise of dragons. Giving up what’s left of her self-esteem for coffee, her last chance to redeem her life comes as a job offer to be a fairy godmother.

Maven's Fractured Fairy Tales

Funny retellings of Rumpelstiltskin, Beauty and the Beast, and Frog Prince featuring Maven Fairy Godmother, a middle-aged woman who fractures each fairy tale in trying to make her clients’ wishes come true.

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PumpkinEater by Charlotte Henley Babb

Three fractured fairy tales for grownups with the inimitable Maven Fairy Godmother: Kiss of the Kudzu, Beans, and PumpkinEater.

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Adventures of Silicon Jones

Jones tours the City of Gold, and meets 7 deadly dwarfs, 3 baby dragons, and his dead ex-girlfriend. Mature Audiences Only


Reality Tales – Set In the So-Called Real World

Just a Smidgen of Magic by Charlotte Henley Babb

Even in the mundane world, magic is only a moment away from manifestation, as each of these characters learns, sometimes to their sorrow.

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Walking of Heaven's Shore by Charlotte Henley Babb

A Ten-piece Bucket of Southern Fried Flash Fiction that explores relationships with a definite southern flavor–gothic, wistful and canny.

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In the Still Midwinter A Christmas anthology by Charlotte Henley Babb

Five short stories share Christmas redemption and revelation with family, friends, coworkers, strangers and the dear departed.

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Steampunk – Set in Alternate History

20 Hours to Charles Town by Charlotte Henley Babb

Pre-order now for October 2018 An airship madam risks her business and the love of her life to expand her information network with new technology, but can she deliver the colonial ambassadors to Charles Town despite air pirates, a hoodoo and a rogue Mauverton detective?